April 2023

Unity minigame. Endlessly match colors and text together, but be quick about it. Gameplay is really simple and I focused more on the UI/UX. First foray into gamedev.

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Jan 2023

An extremely customizable theme for SDDM, a login manager for Linux. Didn't like any existing themes, so I made my own. Clean and simple.

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May 2023

Enter some text (journal articles and research papers) and have the vector space model analyze it, along with your keywords, to find the most relevant and explanatory Wikipedia articles.

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July 2023

This is included here because I spent way too long on this site for it to not count as a project (also, I'm like really really proud of it). Scroll to the bottom for a list of stuff I used to make it.

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June 2023

Small little game that finally made React click for me. Followed the tutorial from their site. Took what I learned to build this site.

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About this site

Hello! This version of my website is archived and will not be updated anymore. I became too distracted to ever finish it, and decided to restart everything because using the T3 stack for a personal site was slightly overkill.

I've left this site as it is, half complete and unfinished. The only things I've done is added this info box, and changed the last updated time (so the information below is probably very wrong). I also moved the tic-tac-toe game to its own subdomain, which you can find here.

I won't be doing this every time I update my site; it's just that this iteration is special to me because it's the first version, and I had no idea what I was doing (and still don't).

I wonder what future me will be thinking when it looks back on past me and this site. Anyway. It's currently 4:21 AM. I should sleep. And you should go back to the current site here!

Currently deployed on Cloudflare Pages. Their free plan is nice.

Made with create-t3-app which uses Next.js and provides TypeScript and Tailwind CSS out of the box. I didn't add any of the backend stuff though. Basically, it's overkill for my use case.

Design and primary colors were first prototyped in Figma. Primary font is Atkinson Hyperlegible, monospace is IBM Plex Mono. Icons provided by Heroicons and Simple Icons.

Last updated on September 4, 2023. πŸ‘ΎπŸ’œ

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